About us

Boutique Holland is a Destination Management Company (DMC), designed to care about quality, experiences and the environment. Many people believe that travel is not sustainable. Unfortunately, this is often the case. We believe that travel could and should be sustainable, which is why we help our clients to make their journey as conscientiously as possible. 

Did you know?

The logo of Boutique Holland DMC is made up of our name and our handmade Ensõ. Ensõ is Japanese for circle and is a symbol for focus, energy and unity in Zen Buddhism. The drawing of an Ensõ only takes one paint stroke and usually the Ensõ is not closed. The opening in the circle is part of “being”, which symbolises our existence and living in the now. For us at Boutique Holland the Ensõ means enjoying life today and taking care of tomorrow. 

Why Boutique Holland?

Boutique Holland DMC is about class, flexibility & quality. We believe conscious travel is the key to an improved well-being, a healthy global economy and a healthier planet for everyone. Offering luxury services to our clients isn’t just about the quality of the products offered either, it is also about listening to their needs 24-hours, year-round and offering what you desire and beyond.


Boutique Holland DMC offers tailor-made travel itineraries, designed by your wishes. We support sustainable improvement in the travel industry by showing the world that conscious meetings, incentives, congresses, events and other travel purposes are possible, without affecting the elegance of the journey and the needs of our guests.