Looking for luxury travel and DMC services in Rotterdam?

We are specialised in high end trips and provide you comfort throughout the entire itinerary in Rotterdam, with a conscious touch.  

Did you know?

On the streets of Rotterdam you can find 350 lighted tiles. These tiles indicate the fire line after the bombing of Rotterdam, now over eighty years ago.  The bombs caused a large amount of the damage, but the enormous fire afterwards was even worse. If you look at the lights closely, you’ll see an illustrated image of the flames and the destroyed city. 

The modern destination

Rotterdam is known for its modern history, harbour and impressive architectural buildings. Gastronomy is at its finest and the shopping options are endless. There is always something new to experience here and we see it as our task to guide you there.

The offer

For your journey it is possible to have Rotterdam as your main destination, or combine this location with another metropole like Amsterdam, The Hague or any location of your interest. Boutique Holland DMC offers tailor-made programs for you and your travel group, so feel free to get in touch to talk about your wishes. Our partners include luxury hotels, (electrical) transport companies, restaurant and catering facilities, entertainment and recreation businesses, and so on. Count on us to make the best deals with local suppliers with a conscious touch.