Looking for luxury travel and DMC services in Utrecht?

We are specialised in high end trips and provide you comfort throughout the entire itinerary in Utrecht, with a conscious touch.  

Did you know?

Did you know that Utrecht has its own chocolates? Since 1922 there has been a real Dom tower: a large bonbon with a soft chocolate filling. The well-known bakery on the Zadelstraat is not only loved by tourists, but also by its inhabitants. Besides the chocolates Utrecht has the biggest bicycle storage of The Netherlands.


Artistic city

All regions of Utrecht have unique and attractive works of art. Each of them has its own story. In the city center you will find well-known statues such as De Haas, Teapot and Miffy. Who doesn't know the giants in the Grift Park? Also, outside the center there are many works of art that are worth while. For example, in the cemeteries Maxima Park, Daelwijck and Sint Barbara and schools.

The offer

For a luxurious itinerary, we have lots of different elements to offer your guests. Boutique Holland DMC provides tailor-made programs for you and your travel groups, so feel free to get in touch to talk about your wishes. We work with luxury (green) hotels, (electrical) transport companies, restaurant, catering facilities, entertainment and recreation businesses, and so on. Count on us to make the best deals with local suppliers with a conscious touch.