Your Boutique Holland food blog to explore what Rotterdam has to offer!

In this blog Boutique Holland will detail, where the best places are to go for a bite or for a dinner. Discover typical street food is in Rotterdam and what we recommend to you experiencing Rotterdam best food offerings.

1. Street Food Hot Spots

Below are six of our favorite six spots for you to explore and of course TASTE!

1.1 Roffa Streetfoodbar

Roffa Streetfoodbar is located at the Veerhavenkwartier, which is always cozy with it’s warm and friendly atmosphere. As the name suggests, this is the place for street food in Rotterdam. Since their Oklahoma barbecue grill was introduced, the meat is simply fabulous! The menu includes sumptuous pulled pork, meaty hot dogs, delectable burgers, mouth watering tacos and delicious sirloin steak.

1.2 Foodhallen Rotterdam

The Foodhallen Rotterdam is recently opened in nearby Wilhelminaplein. There you can taste various dishes from different cultures and big offering of varied cuisines. Be one of the first to explore the Foodhallen Rotterdam and make everlasting memories!

1.3 District A

There is a hidden gem in the Aert van Nesstraat: Area A. Vietnamese Street food - my favourite! In addition to báhn mìs (a Vietnamese sandwich if you would believe) and spring rolls, also on offer are the most delicious steamed sandwiches (baozi) with pork belly, chicken, beef or vegetarian options for the non carnivores. This small restaurant has an open kitchen with an industrial and stylish look.

1.4 SpringRoll Stalls

Every Dutch person knows the Spring Roll stalls of Rotterdam - a MUST try. When exploring the city walking around of one of those stalls can be a nice snack to keep you going on your adventures. You can get a Spring Roll for 1.00 euro, enjoy a variety of sauces on offer and experience typical street food.

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Spring Rolls

1.5 Vegan Junk Food Bar

If Vegan food is more to your taste hit our favorite, the Vegan Junk Food Bar. All the meals are plant based and of course totally vegan. The bar has a hip and trendy look, you can hear different kinds of music to enjoy your vegan feast. It is also possible to taste Dutch snacks in a conscious manner like the Dutch staple, bitterballen!

1.6 The Goat

If you are looking for high quality junk food and something a little above the ordinary The Goat is a fantastic option for you. Travelmediate voted “Greatest Of All Time” hit The Goat for: Burgers, fries, waffles, homemade drinks & chicken of course. All the food has their own unique and funny name. So, if you like the“Un-ordinary” like me, The Goat is for you!

2 Typical Rotterdam

Here is an explanation of food what is typical Dutch and well known around Rotterdam. 

2.1 The Rotterdammetjes

Of course, everyone in Rotterdam knows Rotterdammertjes, because they are the only real Rotterdam sweets. But did you also know that the building block taste of Rotterdam has been adapted to the opinion of the People of Rotterdam?

Flavors of cinnamon, orange and fresh mint refer to our city. In addition, the size is halved, making it a smaller sweet that tastes better in the mouth.

2.2 Rotterdam old cheese

In Rotterdam we have our own cheese! De Rotterdamsche Oude Kaas. This cheese comes originally fromDe Kuip made by entrepreneurs of Rotterdam. They did this because Rotterdam was missing their own 010 cheese!

This delicious cheese has a pronounced taste and delicious aromas which is mainly due to it’s aging. The cheese is aged for at least 50 weeks on extra thick wooden boards.

2.3 Arzu’s Foodbars

Arzu’s Foodbars is a nice place to visit as well if you are in Rotterdam. You may know of the pancakes they make, however it began with food bars.

At the time 2015 you can get handmade food bars & vegan truffles, now you are able to choose over more 20 kinds of bars. A Boutique Holland favorite is: peanut, salted caramel and red velvet.